What Performance Advantages Does Wedge Wire Screen Pipe Have in Oil Well Operations.?

Performance Advantages Of Wedge Wire Screen Pipe

We all know that stainless steel screens are widely used in oil well operations, so what performance advantages does it have?

1. High strength: The stainless steel screen adopts a welded structure of stainless steel wire, so it has high strength. This screen can be cut on a grinding wheel cutting machine, or the end face can be processed on a lathe without causing loose deformation. .

2. Large flow rate: It has relatively small resistance, which greatly increases its flow area, so under the same resistance, the flow rate increases significantly.

3. Good adaptability to temperature changes: Compared with ordinary plastic filter elements, the temperature application range of the wire-wound screen is much wider than that of plastic filter elements.

4. Adjustable gap: Different stainless steel wire-wound screens use different filtration equipment and filter media, and the requirements for the wire-wound gap of the internal wire-wound screens are different. In use, stainless steel screen products need to be customized according to specific working conditions.




With more than 18 years experience in the filtration industry, we are familiar with all specific standards and the most advance testing protocols.

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