Wedge Wire Cylinder

wedge wire cylinder (1)
wedge wire cylinder (9)
wedge wire cylinder (8)
wedge wire cylinder (6)
wedge wire cylinder (5)
wedge wire cylinder (4)
wedge wire cylinder (3)-2
wedge wire cylinder (2)
wedge wire cylinder (1)
wedge wire cylinder (9)
wedge wire cylinder (8)
wedge wire cylinder (6)
wedge wire cylinder (5)
wedge wire cylinder (4)
wedge wire cylinder (3)-2
wedge wire cylinder (2)

wedge wire screen filter drum/dehydrator filter

BT wedge wire cylinder made of stainless steel V-shaped screen wire and support rod.The smallest slot can be 20 micron.The product is durable and has high screening efficiency,and easy to disassemble and clean.

Wedge wire screen cylinder introduction

The wedge-shaped mesh filter adopts a stainless steel wedge-shaped wire welded screen with a filtering accuracy of 0.02-2.0mm. The wedge-shaped wire welded screen is welded by a stainless steel wedge wire and a support bar, and is leveled, reversed, welded, pressed and ground. The finished products have the characteristics of high strength, high hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, uniform gaps, good seepage properties, easy cleaning and reverse cleaning.
Each connection point of wedge wire to the support rod is welded to increase the strength and durability. Wedge screen cylinders usually used in various feces treatment,farm waste classification,kitchen waste classification,solid liquid separation of sewage and other scenes.

Advantages of wedge wire screen cylinder

When compared to conventional slotted pipe, wire wrapped wedge wire screens have superior open area due to their continuous slot openings. The benefits of which will:
Reduce energy consumption and increase water flow.

  • Reduce erosion of entry surfaces and increase well life.
  • Allow a uniform and efficient well development.
  • Reduce significantly potential pump damage and subsequent maintenance costs.

Wedge wire screen cylinder type

  • Triangle wedge wire smooth surface inside, filtering from inside to outside
  • Triangle wedge wire smooth surface outside,support rod inside, filtering from outside to inside.
  • Flange or stainless steel plate at both ends.
  • Cylinder body plus flat steel, square steel, spiral and so on,it can be customized
  • Notched sieve tube, convenient for material in and out.


The filter cylinder produced by our company are widely used in various large and medium-sized filtration equipment, such as automatic cleaning filters, scraper filters, automatic sewage filters, rotating fine grid filters, rotating drum fine grids, rotating drum screens, Solid-liquid separation equipment such as ion exchangers.

Flange common size: 240*200mm 260*200mm 240*175mm 220*175mm 300*220mm
Inter diameter: 150mm 175mm 180mm 200mm 250mm 260mm 280mm
Slot common size:
0.1-0.3mm(Backflush fiter element)
0.3-0.4mm (Duck and chicken dung dewatering filter/kitchen waste fiter)
0.5mm (Pig dung dewatering fiter element)
0.75mm (Cow dung dewatering fiter element)
Length: 250mm 400mm 500mm 550mm 600mm
Wrap wire diameter: 0.5x1mm, 0.76×1.5mm , 1x2mm, 12×2.3mm,
1.5×2.5mm , 2x3mm , 22×3.5mm, 2.5x4mm, 3x4mm, 3×4.5mm, 3x5mm,4*7mm,5x8mm
Support wire diameter: 2x3mm, 3x4mm, 3x5mm, 4x5mm, 4x7mm, 5x8mm
Round rod wire diameter: 2.5mm- 6.0mm

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