Wedge Wire Nozzle

wedge wire nozzle (2)
wedge wire nozzle (7)
wedge wire nozzle (4)
wedge wire nozzle (3)
wedge wire nozzle (2)
wedge wire nozzle (7)
wedge wire nozzle (4)
wedge wire nozzle (3)

sand filter nozzle with thread coupling

The wedge wire nozzle can be fixed on the filtering equipment for the filteration of water petrol resin and other medium.

water filter nozzles introduction

Wedge wire screen nozzles is made of high-quality stainless steel material and with great strength and corrosion resistant and difficult to plug.Nozzels are used in liquid/solid or gas/sloid separetion,can effectively wash debris .,increase the operation rate of the reaction medium.  According to different applications, the wedge wire nozzle can be divided into two main types:single wedge wire nozzle and double wedge wire nozzle.
The wedge wire nozzle features non-clogging, high filtering efficiency and economical. It has a wide range of applications in water treatment applications. The different wedge wire sizes and slot sizes can suit different class filtration. Continuous slot design make it high efficiency and long service life.Thier specification and quantity will vary depending on application and customer-flow requirments.

Type and specification of water filter nozzles

According to the appearance, there are mainly four types of metal wedge wire nozzle, Single Head wedge wire Filter nozzle, Double Head wedge wire Filter nozzle, Single Flow rating and double flow rating filter nozzle, long handle filter nozzle.

water filter nozzles features

  • Typical slot opening ranging from 0.02-5mm,the gap is uniform and not easy to be blocked
  • Threaded end flange or “L”bolts.
  • Primarily made of stainless steel ,anti-corrosive and long service life.
  • Continuous slot design provide large circulation area
  • The surface of the goods is polished, not easy to rust, strong and durable.
  • Easy to use,easy to install and replacement.

water filter nozzles application

It Used for advanced purification of urban drinking water and industrial water,in power plant, petroleum, chemical, food and other industries of water treatment equipment field.Water filter nozzles is a high-grade purification material in the production of high-purity water and mineral water.Collectors and distributors installed uniformly acrossa plate or a header lateral arrangement..Demineralizers,water softeners and in pressure andgravity sand filters.

Material: stainless steel
Slot: 0.17-2.0mm,or can be customized
Type: Single wedge wire nozzle

Type SlotDH LFlow area(mm2)
① 0.17-2.0mm4530180380-493
 5350200 680-710

Double wedge wire nozzle

Type SlotD H1  H2 LFlow area(mm2)
① 0.17-2.0mm453434110-170390-493


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