The Application of Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen Pipe in The Water Treatment Industry

With the rapid development of the economy, wedge wire screen pipe (also called as johnson screen pipe)have been widely used in many industries, and their status in the water treatment industry is particularly prominent. Let me share with you how wedge wire screen pipe are used in the water treatment industry.


The role of wedge wire screen pipe in the water and wastewater treatment industry is obvious. It can be used directly as the operating element of the solid-liquid separation unit, or as a structural support for the operating equipment of the separation unit. Due to its compact structure, light weight per unit volume, sturdy and durable, good resistance to corrosion and temperature change, it is easy to be made into standard parts and can be replaced for use. Therefore, its application in environmental engineering water and wastewater treatment is becoming more and more popular.

wedge wire screen pipe

BTOSLOT’S Wedge-shaped wire stainless steel screen is made of wedge-shaped wire wrapped around the support rod and welded, and each intersection point of the wedge-shaped wire and the support rod is welded. Made of stainless steel 304, 304L, 304HC, 316, 316L, 321, 430, 2205, 2507, C-276 or as your request. Wedge wire mesh can be used for conventional filtration, outside-in and reverse filtration, and inside-out filtration.


The wedge wire stainless steel screen has the advantages of increased flow area, uniform water distribution, corrosion resistance, etc. According to the actual needs, the support wires designed on the screen are in the form of longitudinal arrangement and continuous slits, which makes the screen have higher performance. Compressive properties. In addition, the V-shaped winding wire is arranged in a circular pattern on the screen tube to form a continuous high-density uniform gap, which ensures the opening area and non-blocking of the screen tube, and avoids the high-density accumulation of sediments. Increased productivity and extended well life are guaranteed. It can be seen that the advantageous properties of stainless steel screen not only improve the working efficiency and service cycle of the well, but also ensure the smoothness of water filtration, thus becoming a leader in the water treatment industry.

wedge wire screen pipe structure

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