The Filtering Details of The Brewing Industry

What is the first step for beer brewing filtraion?

We all know that the more mellow the wine, the more fragrant it is. In the wine making process, the essential and most important step is sieving and filtration. In short, its main job is to facilitate the filtration of broken grains from the fermentation broth.

wedge wire screen for beer brewing 1

This process takes place in a vessel called a filter bucket, the main component of which is a false bottom/round filter panel.

Different brewing equipment has different filtration requirements, which requires different filtration screen bottoms. The wedge wire screen support grid is one of the most selected filter elements on the market today.

Compared with other filter materials, the wedge wire screen has the following unique advantages:

  • Large opening area, precise notch size and high wort flow rate;
  • Higher mechanical strength can better support the grain;
  • Higher efficiency, preventing grain from stagnant or clogging holes;
  • Improved filtering speed.
  • filter basket for beer brewing wedge wire false bottom 2 wedge wire false bottom1


With more than 18 years experience in the filtration industry, we are familiar with all specific standards and the most advance testing protocols.

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