Wedge Wire Filter Can Solve Water Circulation Problems

Wedge wire filters are a cost-effective self-cleaning solution to water circulation problems.

The recycling of water has a positive impact on the environment and also saves companies a lot of money.

Whether you’re looking to reuse wastewater to reduce costs or reduce your environmental impact, wedge wire filters can meet your needs.

Industries that use wedge wire filtration include:

Industrial toilets and factories

Facilities that have access to sewer must comply with waste regulations or may require reduced sewer bills. The wedge-shaped screen effectively removes moisture from solids and is extremely durable and removes the finest particles. Since the screen is non-mechanical, downtime is greatly reduced, making wedge wire screens the most cost-effective option.

Rainwater collecting

Rainwater harvesting is becoming more and more popular. It is collected, filtered, pumped and stored in tanks, and the water is reused for washing, cleaning, irrigation and other livestock needs. Rainwater harvesting can save customers a lot of water bills and improve the environment. Wedge wire mesh screens are used as filters in the initially collected rainwater, they are durable in all weather conditions and can filter fine debris.

Road and footpath sweepers

Road sweepers are designed to lift everything from the road, stones, paper, trash, etc. Older filter systems used braided wire or perforated plates, which were flawed because it would continually clog, rendering the screen ineffective. Now, thanks to the self-cleaning properties of the wedge wire screen, it allows the sweeper to recycle dirty water, allowing clean water to be reused without filling the tank with clean water.

Wedge Wire Screen Elements


With more than 18 years experience in the filtration industry, we are familiar with all specific standards and the most advance testing protocols.

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