The Difference Between Wedge Wire Screen Self-cleaning Filters and Backwashing Filters?

The Difference Between Self-cleaning Filters and Backwashing Filters?

Do you know the difference between a wedge wire screen self-cleaning filter and a backwash filter? How should I choose? Below, BTOSLOT will share with you:

1, The working principles of self-cleaning filters and back-flushing filters are different.

When the self-cleaning filter is actually operating, after the liquid enters the filter from the inlet, it first flows through the coarse filter element for preliminary filtration to filter some impurities with large particles, and then enters the filter screen. Due to the small diameter of the filter screen, It can play the role of filtering fine impurities.

After double filtration, the clean liquid will be discharged from the outlet. The backwash filter is a cleanable filter. In actual operation, the water flow guide valve is in an open state, and the sewage is in a closed state. In this way, the liquid enters the backwash filter from the inlet and flows through the filter. The filter screen, and then sent out from the outlet, the impurities in the liquid will be intercepted in the process of flowing through the filter screen.

If the backwash filter needs to be drained, first turn off the water flow guide valve, and then open the drain valve. In this way, the first half of the liquid will be filtered in the process of flowing through the filter screen, and part of the liquid will be filtered. It will flow into the system, and another part of the liquid will be discharged from the outside to the inside after passing through the filter screen, constantly scouring the dirty substances on the inner wall, and then sent out through the sewage depot.

2, The structure of the self-cleaning filter and the backwashing filter are different.

As another type of cleanable filter, self-cleaning filter is mainly composed of driving device, control pipeline, electric controller, main pipe parts, filter element, drain valve, cleaning device, etc. Among them, the electric controller, the sewage valve and the control pipeline are the control parts of the self-cleaning filter, which can automatically clean the sewage.

The control pipeline can be subdivided into parts such as pipe joints and brass pipes. The backwash filter is mainly composed of a barrel body, a stainless steel filter screen, a butterfly valve and a sewage collection and drainage component. In the actual operation of the filter, the butterfly valve is in an open state, and the sewage is in a closed state. In this way, the liquid flows from the inlet through the filter screen and is sent out from the outlet.

The above are the main differences between self-cleaning filters and backwashing filters. From an objective point of view, the backwashing filter is more convenient to clean. The process of backwashing is a process of automatic reverse washing of the filter screen and continuous removal of dirty substances. There is no need to turn off the system or manually clean the filter element. Easy to operate. Of course, everyone has to choose the appropriate filter according to the actual situation.

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