Wedge Wire Screen Self Cleaning Filters Play an Important Role in The Pharmaceutical Industry

Wedge Wire Screen Self-cleaning filters play an important role in the pharmaceutical industry.

In drug production, self-cleaning filters can effectively prevent contamination of drugs and packaging materials, and ensure the quality of drugs.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the effluent often contains complex and even toxic components. The self-cleaning filter can make the harmful components in the medical sewage meet the discharge standard, reduce the discharge of sewage, and reduce the cost of sewage treatment, and achieve the zero discharge requirement of circulating water from the perspective of economy and environmental protection. With the continuous deepening of the supervision of the environmental protection department, some traditional high-polluting industries, such as pharmaceuticals and environmental protection industries, are gradually under pressure and have to undergo transformation and upgrading, and self-cleaning filters are therefore favored by the market.

How do self-cleaning filters work? Sewage enters from the inlet, and firstly, the coarse filter screen filters out larger particles of impurities, and then reaches the fine filter screen. During the filtration process, the fine filter gradually accumulates dirt and impurities in the water to form a filter impurity layer. Since the impurity layer accumulates on the inner side of the fine filter, a pressure difference is formed between the inner and outer sides of the fine filter. . When the pressure difference of the filter reaches the preset value of the stainless steel filter, the automatic cleaning process will start. During this time, the supply of clean water will continue to flow, the cleaning valve will be opened, and the water pressure in the cleaning chamber and the suction device will drop significantly. Due to the pressure difference of the sewage pipe, a suction force is generated between the sewage suction pipe and the cleaning chamber through the suction nozzle, forming a sewage suction process.

Everyone should pay special attention: there are many things that must be paid attention to in the production of drugs. The installation of self-cleaning filters in the production process is particularly important, and it is also necessary for drug production. The use of self-cleaning filters during drug production can reduce drug contamination and efficiently generate both biological and abiotic particles. This is a major breakthrough in drug production, which can ensure the safety of drug production and enable patients to use drugs with confidence.

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